How we can help

Customized Training and Educational Workshops: I will work with you to create and deliver a customized training experience to meet your staff and agency needs. I specialize in ethics training, with a specific focus on social media and technology. Contact Tina at for more information.

Create Online Training for Human Service Professionals: Practically Speaking offers a wide range of services designed to take traditional f2f training and optimize it for online purposes. I will work with your content experts to  craft meaningful learning objectives, incorporate multimedia for optimal educational benefits and evaluate learner comprehension. Contact Tina at for more information.

Career Enhancement:  Are you at a cross-roads in your career?  Do you want to expand your current practice?  Are you ready to retire but still have energy and enthusiasm to share with others?  At Practically Speaking, I can help identify your areas of professional expertise and develop a plan to fully utilize your skills in new ways that will build and promote your professional practice brand. Contact Tina at for more information.